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From packing your belongings to assistance with visa and immigration guidance.

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We have over 100 years of experience in assisting companies with relocating their personnel around the world. We offer a complete moving process.

>  Packing

>  Storage

>  Customs clearance

>  Moving

Visa and immigration

Sirva’s immigration specialists have the knowledge needed to efficiently handle application processes for work and family residence permits in the country you are moving to or from. Our immigration team is dedicated to providing you with professional assistance throughout the entire process.


We assist:

>   EU citizens

>   Third-country nationals

>   Nordic citizens

Home Search

Sirva coordinates housing searches using our experience, both in Norway and internationally, through an extensive network. We guide you and your family through the entire housing process. Each search is carried out with a customized planning level according to your needs and preferences. We assist during lease negotiations and everything involved to simplify the housing process.


You may require  assistance in finding a temporary accommodation upon arrival in your new destination. Sirva has an established network that can assist, including both large global and regional providers, as well as smaller (apartment) hotels that we can recommend / coordinate a booking for you.

Settling In

The settling in service offers you information and advice following arrival at your new location. This will be customized to your needs as well as to the location of your destination. Our service guide includes information on topics such as banking, healthcare services, driver’s licenses, insurance and guidance on registration with the Tax Administration.


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