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Sirva AS has a long history and extensive industry experience, dating back to 1937 when we were established as a small local moving company in Oslo. Today, we are Norway’s largest moving company and a representative in the world’s largest moving network, Sirva. Our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction every day of the week, and we are ready to assist you in any way that we can.

What do we do?

Sirva always provides the help, guidance, and support you need to have a pleasant and smooth moving experience. We tailor solutions to meet your specific requirements and preferences throughout the process. Whether it is for packing fragile or valuable items such as antiques, porcelain, chandeliers, paintings, or for packing and transporting of the standard furniture and interiors, we are here to assist.

who are Sirva?

  • 55 years of relocation services
  • 95 years of Personal Property Moving
  • 67 owned offices globally
  • 4,954 employees worldwide
  • 190+ countries covered within our global network

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